The happenings and people at a Yard Sale on an overcast, Tuesday afternoon.


Mark Hoffman


Brendan Brooks & Jim Heck

YARD SALER'S (in order of speaking appearance)

Corinne Meadors, Sosa Hernandez, Brooklyn Porter, Carolyn Christine Gregory, Alison Gilbreath, Ryan Quinn Adams, Shawn Porter, Pamela Porter, Felise Esposito, Barnaby Falls, Janice Burt, Tyler McDaniel, Joleen Sanders, Mathew Barnhart - Man on Bike, and Megan Sands - Little Girl.


Scott Slotterbeck


Joan Purser


Amanda Hardman - Location
Elizabeth Sands - Special Props
Denise Hoffman - minding the ranch

Blue Heron Ranch - Aria Pictures - Breckport Media Solutions

Creative Interpretations II

The CFAA — Capitol Film Arts Alliance — presents a unique script writing and short filmmaking contest with over $2000 in cash awards offered to winning entries!!

Congratulations to Joan Purser, who won $250 for writing one page of dialogue! Her script will be used by ALL the participating filmmakers in the 2nd leg of this contest, who will then each create a short film with their own 'interpretations' of the story behind the dialogue she wrote.


• Filmmakers must use ONLY the winning script from the Creative Interpretations II contest, in the exact same order it is written.
• Dialogue can be split up as long as the order of the text is not altered.
• Films are not to exceed 10 minutes (including credits).
• Additional dialogue (audio or written text) is NOT allowed.
• Special effect sounds, grunts, groans, etc. ARE allowed.

It was supposed to be a surprise.
I think we should just call it a day.
How long do you think it's going to keep raining?
It doesn't matter. I like it.
Leonardo Da Vinci would be proud.
I can only afford to buy just one. I didn't bring that much cash.
It figures.
Who keeps this much of anything? What could they possibly need this for?
Weird, that's exactly what I was thinking.
I hope you don't think I was rude back there.
Hey, get out of my way! Yeah, I'm talking to you.
It's just so sad, really.
Everybody dies. They just do.
You should try to get some sleep.
That's not what your mother said.
And just think it's only Tuesday.

Behind the scenes

Photography by: Keenan Johnston

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Yard Sale · Directed by Mark Hoffman · CFAA Creative Interpretations II

Post-Production - Sacramento - Film Production